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Ferry Pass Middle School

Track Information



 Girls: Coach Marsh

Boys: Coach Sutton

Track season will begin in March and continue through May.

All 6th Graders can participate in the 2017-2018 Track Season.  All 6th Grade events will be performed at the beginning of the varsity track meets.


In order to represent a school in track and field athletic competition, a student must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Bona Fide Student:  A student must be enrolled and in regular attendance of that school.

Scholastic Requirements:  A student must have earned at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) during the 2nd nine weeks grading period.  Please note that an incomplete is considered a failing grade until the grade is made up.

Age Requirements: A student may participate on the varsity track and field team as long as they do not turn 15 during the published track season.  Any student that is 15 will participate on the Prep Track and Field team.

Other Requirements:  A student must provide a drug screening consent form, a parental consent form, a health certificate and a proof of insurance prior to trying out for the Track and Field team.  


Start Training NOW!

Event             Average Times


100M                                                          13 Seconds

200M                                                          27 Seconds                                                

4 x 100 Relay                                              54 Seconds

400M                                                          1:05

4 x 400 Relay                                              4: 30


800M                                                          2:40

1600M                                                        6:20

3200M                                                        14:00

                                                Field Events

Shot Put                                                     28-04.00

High Jump                                                   4’5”

Long Jump                                                  14’   


Don’t wait until February to condition your body.  If you want to be competitive in these events, you need to start training now.  Drink plenty of water 24 hours before beginning your workout schedule and continue to hydrate daily as you train. 


FPMS Track

                      1 Lap = 400M                2 Laps = 800M             

                      4 Laps = 1600M           8 Laps = 3200M

Boys Track Team

Jason Sutton

Varsity JV
Gavin Brannock
Joshua Bruening
Elijah Chatman
Nigel Graham
Noah Hancock
Kobe Hall
Keion Johnson
Jashaun Jordan
Anthony Lipnicky
Dy'Kendrick Palmer
Jamahl Patterson
Willie Rutledge
Quentyn Sellers
Jovaney Sutherland
Iliyas Fuavai
Jamari Harris
Michael Neal
Kayden Burelle
Kayden Burelle
Maan Desai
Cooper Diehl
Trevion Killette
Abdul Lengani
Jordan Luckie
Solomon McKnight
Jerrell McGhee
Ryan Provau
Logan Robinson
D'Undrea Richardson
Tariq Williams
Jordan Williams-Kyle