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Counselor Connection

Guidance Curriculum

The guidance curriculum is based on the needs of the student body.  It is implemented through classroom sessions and assemblies. 


Guidance Purpose

The purpose of guidance is not to make decisions for people, but to offer suggestions and to help students work out their own problems. 

1.  While it is not the job of guidance to discipline students or punish them, we are concerned with the appropriate behavior and strive to help students to become self directed and disciplined.

2.  At Ferry Pass Middle,  everyone counts and everyone is born with individual differences and aptitudes that should be developed to enable them to become a mature person.

3.  We encourage each student to:  develop a sense of pride in their school, try to develop positive attitudes at all times, and get involved in extra curricular activities.

4.  The Counselor's goal is to help students understand themselves so that they can learn to make better decisions about their life.  Their academic achievement, personal development, and fulfillment are our main concerns.