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Counselor's Corner

Testing Tips

* Get some rest (6-8 hours of sleep each night!)

* Fuel your body!  (Eat breakfast)

* Wear comfortable clothes (but within dress code)

* Be here on time!

Homework Tips

* Show That You Think Education and Homework Are Important

* Set a regular time for homework

* Pick a place

* Remove distractions

* Provide supplies and identify resources (dictionary, ruler, calculator, pencil sharpner, etc.

* Set a good example (let student see you read, use math as in balancing a checkbook, measuring items, etc.)

* Be interested and involved in the school as much as possible

Monitor Assignments

* Ask about the school's homework policy

* Be available

* Look over completed assignments

* Monitor time spent viewing TV and playing video games

How to Help

* Help your child get organized

* Use and agenda/planner

* Encourage good study habits

* Talk about the assignments

* Watch for frustration

* Give praise

* Talk to the teacher(s) about your concerns

* Work with the teacher

(Homework Tips provided from the U.S. Department of Education)