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Music Locker
11/7/14 8:30 AM
8/20/14 9:15 AM

A huge congratulations to our FIVE singers representing

Ferry Pass Middle

at All State 2015!!

These students competed with others from all over our state for spots in the All State Choirs, and we are very proud of them.

* Kate Chappotin

* Joshua Fortune

* Ashley Kimmons

* Austin Thompson

* Samantha Thompson

All State Middle School Treble Chorus


All State Middle School Mixed Chorus

2012 MPA
2012 MPA




Our annual cheesecake and pie fundraiser is here!

Help support our Chorus and enjoy delicious cheesecakes and pies just in time for holiday celebrations.

See a Chorus member during the next two weeks, and select the perfect dessert!

All County Middle School Chorus...

The concert will be Tuesday, October 23 this year.

Our clinician will be Laura Farnell.  Check out more about her here.


Here is a list of this year's music:

Shule Aroon (treble voices only)

Tell My Father (tenor/bass voices only)

Music, Lead the Way

Gloria (choose the first one listed)

Sing To Me


The rehearsal schedule is available in Google Classroom.

ALL STATE AUDITIONS- announced excerpts available!

Middle School Treble Chorus
Men Nou — SSA — Guillaume
Music starts on p. 10, m. 103
Audition starts on p. 11, m. 106
Music / Audition ends on p. 13, m. 120 (beat 4)

Middle School Mixed Chorus
Walk in Jerusalem — SATB — Dilworth
Music starts on p. 6, m. 21
Audition starts on p. 6, m. 23–m. 29
Music / Audition ends on p. 7, m. 29 (beat 4)

Check Google Classroom for more details.

A Voice 4 Peace

Soaring Voices (7th and 8th grade singers) are learning this song in participation with A Voice 4 Peace.  Here is the song 'Ukuthula' and a link to all the information:


Oh say, can you sing it?

Our sixth grade Singing Eagles are learning all about the Star Spangled Banner.  The anniversary of the flag is September 14.

Check out some amazing details here!

When is it happening? Check the calendar!

All students received the Chorus calendar in class.  

The calendar can also be downloaded on the left of this page.  

Mark your dates now for some amazing concerts this year!

On your mark..... get set..... SING!


Choral Director: Mrs. Angela Horne

Our new piano - thanks to Barry Manilow's Music Project and Yamaha!
Our new piano - thanks to Barry Manilow's Music Project and Yamaha!

Chorus Handbooks...

All students have received a Chorus Handbook.  

The forms are due by August 18, but can be turned in any time between now and then.  



The choirs sound GREAT and we are so excited about making music together!


Music Performance Assessment Results

A huge thank you to all the chaperones who helped as we traveled to Milton for our Music Performance Assessment.  We are proud to say that our Soaring Voices Choirs earned ratings of SUPERIOR.  Way to sing, Eagles!!!!

FPMS Chorus meets Washington HS Chorus

Tips for taking care of your voice


2012 Disney Trip
2012 Disney Trip